How to book Ochsner Online Appointment

Ochsner Health System is basically a non-profit health care provider. The system is based in Southeast Louisiana. One of the flagship hospitals of the healthcare system is Jefferson Parish. You will also be able to find this health care system in various other clinics and Medical Centres situated in Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and other locations across South Louisiana. Various emergency rooms were also built by Adeptus Health when it came into an agreement with the Ochsner Health System in the year 2016 in the month of September. Ochsner Health System was founded by Dr. Alton Ochsner. 

Ochsner Online Appointment

Ochsner Health System is an online system through which the patients can easily get appointments in various hospitals or clinics. This is a very easy procedure through which the clients can get the appointments in various procedures by just sitting at their respective houses. There are several procedures through which the clients can get their appointment. The clients can either just login into the Myochsner account or call on the specific helpline numbers to book their appointment.How to book Ochsner Online Appointment

The patients are provided with the benefit of attending their appointments as per their schedule and not as per the schedule of the hospital. The Health Care system helps the patients to book their appointment either in the morning, evening or even on weekends as per their schedule. Now, the patients are easily able to book weekend hours in many of the clinics and medical centres. Ochsner Health System widen the margin of weekend hours. This change has been done to cope up with the busy schedule of the patients.

Booking Online Appointment

Ochsner Health System helps the patient to get advice from specially trained officials from different clinics and medical centres. The patients are provided assistance with specially trained nurses. Physicians are also available on call to all of the patients. The patients are provided the option to determine who will be the best option for themselves while picking up an appointment. The patients are provided the advantage of on-call nurse triage, appointment booking, health education, and advisory services 24/7 for 365 days.

How To Book Ochsner Online Appointment?

  1. You can either make an online appointment by logging into the Myochsner account.
  2. After logging into your account, you can click on the appointment option to book your appointment.
  3. The other way to make an appointment is to make a call on 1-866-624-7637
  4. However, this helpline must only be used for non-life-threatening issues during regular office hours.
  5. Calling this helpline number schedule an appointment with your primary care physician at a location near you. 
  6. Other helpline numbers for scheduling an appointment are-
  7. Ochsner Medical Center clinics and Health Centers in the Metairie and New Orleans area: 1-866-624-7637
  8. Ochsner Baptist clinics and Health Centers in the Mid City & Uptown areas: 504-897-4250
  9. West Bank: 504-371-9355
  10. Kenner: 504-464-8588
  11. Baton Rouge: 225-761-5200
  12. St. Charles Parish Hospital: 985-785-4297
  13. International patients call 504-842-3719 to make an appointment.


Making an online appointment for your health is one of the easiest things that a patient can do. Online appointments are a bone to the people who are not able to go to the hospital because of some chronic illness and want to make an appointment from the comfort of their home. The clients are also provided with appropriate appointments according to their busy schedule and they do not have to go through any difficulty in managing their time. 

MyOchsner Health System is providing the patients with flexible weekend hours so that they can schedule their appointment even on weekends. The patients are able to get assistance on their health with 24 into 7 availability of oncall nurses and physicians all over the clinics and medical centres associated with the system.

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