MyOchsner FAQs

MyOchsner was created by the organisation of Ochsner Health System. This online system was created to help the patients get all of the answers to their queries related to their health. The patients are able to perform a certain set of functions by using this online platform. The patients are able to get their appointments and they are also able to get the results of their test without stepping out of their respective houses. 

MyOchsner Frequently Asked Questions

This online healthcare system has been a really beneficial thing to all of the patients who are normally suffering from health problems in which it is difficult for them to visit the hospitals every now and then. The health care system is a non-profit organization. Ochsner Health System is based in Southeast Louisiana. It has been a really important online management system both for the organisation and its customers.MyOchsner FAQs

If you have any appointment that you need to reschedule then you can use the Ochsner Health System. The online health care system also helps the patient to reschedule his or her appointment without wasting a lot of time and visiting the hospital in person. The patients can also reschedule their healthcare appointment to the weekends if they have a busy week day schedule. 

MyOchsner FAQs

  • What do you mean by MyOchsner?

MyOchsner is an online health care system available for the patients who want to get the information regarding their health by just a few clicks and by sitting at their respective houses. The patients can definitely access all of the information regarding their physical and mental health record by using the online health care system available by the organisation. The online system helps the people to manage the information regarding their health and also receive information regarding their tests. Through the online system, you can easily request or reschedule your medical appointments.

You can also appoint an expert to overview your medical health summary by sharing with them your electronic health record. You can also easily request prescriptions renewals by using the platform. Health information from trusted sources are available using this platform and a lot of more functions are available for the patient.

  • How to register yourself at MyOchsner?

Registering at the MyOchsner online platform is a very easy deal, you just have to go to the clinic and request and request an activation code. The activation code will be used while you create your account at the online health care system of the organisation. The activation code will help you to create your user id and password at the official website of the organisation online health care system.

When you have the activation code, you have to click on the sign up button available at the official website of the organisation. Then you will be requested to enter your activation code and date of birth. Finally, your account will be successfully registered at the official website of the organisation.

  • How to use MyOchsner?

The user interface of MyOchsner online healthcare system is really reliable and easy to use for all of the patients. Even a patient with very little knowledge of technical things can easily access the online platform without going through any much trouble. If you want to access the online platform by using a computer then you have to make sure that an internet connection is available at your place.

Your browser must also be updated. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla or even Firefox. If you want to use the platform using your mobile device then you can download the MyChart mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • What Should I Do If I Forget My Password For MyOchsner Account?

We request the patients to keep the user ID and password for the MyOchsner Account safely and securely so that they can access your mental health or physical health records. If you have recently forgotten your password to the account and you need to go to the sign in page available at the official website of the organisation and click on the Reset Your Password option. If you are not able to retrieve your password you have to contact the customer support helpline at 1-877-339-2637. 


MyOchsner is an online platform which has all of the functions related to the patients so that they can get all of the information regarding their health records in just a few clicks. You can get all of the information regarding the account by going through the Frequently Asked Questions given above. The customer service executive is also available 24 into 7 to solve all the queries of the patients. 

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